Terms of use

Dear customers!

The real text is the Agreement between Salon Krasiyu dovoziiplay.com  hereinafter referred to as "Beauty Salon" and the user of Salon Krasiyu services, hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer" and defines the conditions for purchasing goods through the Salon website Beautiful.

1. Basic provisions

1.1. This Agreement is concluded between the Buyer and Salon Krasy at the time of placing the order.

1.2. This Agreement is a public offer. By accessing Salon Krasiu, the User is deemed to have joined this Agreement. Acceptance is the fact of placing an order for the offered product.

1.3. When placing an order, the Buyer agrees to the terms and conditions discussed in this Agreement by ticking the box "I have read and agree to the terms of the Agreement" when placing an order.

1.4. The use of materials and services of Salon Krasiu is governed by the norms of the current legislation of Australia.

1.5. Any natural or legal person capable of accepting and paying for the product can make a purchase at Salon Krasii.

1.6. The goods are paid for in the national currency of Australia upon delivery of the goods or by non-cash bank transfer.

1.7. All text information and graphic images in the online store are the property of the online store "dovoziiplay.com"

2. Information about goods

2.1. The product is presented in the catalog through photo samples that are the property of Salon Krasiu.

2.2.At the Buyer's request, the manager of Salon Krasiu is obliged to provide (by phone or e-mail) additional information necessary and sufficient, from the Buyer's point of view, for him to make a decision to purchase the product.

2.3. The price of the product indicated on the website can be changed unilaterally by Salon Krasy.

2.4. In the event of a change in the price of the product ordered by the Buyer, the manager of Salon Krasiu will inform the Buyer (by phone or e-mail) at the first opportunity to confirm or cancel the order. If it is impossible to contact the Buyer, this order is considered cancelled.

3. The procedure for purchasing goods at Beauty Salon

3.1. Orders are accepted through Beauty Salon.

3.2. The buyer of Salon Krasiu has the right to place an order for any product presented on the website of Salon Krasiu and available. Each product can be ordered in any quantity. The order can be placed by the Buyer in the following ways: by phone, by e-mail or placed independently on the website.

3.3. If the product is not in stock, the company manager is obliged to notify the Buyer (by phone or e-mail).

3.4. If the product is not available, the Buyer has the right to replace it with a product of a similar model, refuse this product, cancel the order.

3.5. The Buyer has the right to cancel the order at any time before it is sent to the Buyer by notifying Beauty Salon by phone or e-mail.

4. Delivery and transfer of goods to the Buyer

4.1. Delivery of goods purchased at Salon Krasii is carried out by Self-pickup or delivery services: Nova Poshta, Delivery, Myst Express.

4.2. Along with the order, the following documents are provided to the Buyer:

goods receipt or invoice.

4.3. The buyer is obliged to accept the ordered goods in the presence of the courier or the point of delivery according to the quantity, quality, assortment and completeness of the goods.

4.4. The fact of acceptance of the goods by the Buyer is the payment of the goods by the Buyer.

5. Order payment

5.1. The order placed in Beauty Salon is paid by the Buyer by bank transfer, cash on delivery or cash transfer directly in the company's store.

5.2. Payment for the order by non-cash payment must be made by the Buyer by 100% advance transfer of funds to the current account of Salon Krasiu within one working day from the day of confirmation of the order.

5.3. If funds are not received, Beauty Salon reserves the right to cancel the order.

6. The procedure for returning good quality goods

6.1. The buyer has the right to refuse the delivered goods at the time of receipt during self-delivery or at the delivery point.

6.2. The return of the product to the Beauty Salon is possible if its appearance has been preserved, the product was not damaged, consumer properties, original factory packaging, the product does not have physical damage, scratches, chips, cracks, traces of soldering, etc.

< br> 6.3. The return of the goods to the Beauty Salon is carried out at the expense of the Buyer.

6.4.When the Buyer returns the goods of the appropriate quality, the Beauty Salon returns to him the amount paid for the goods upon the fact of returning the goods, after deducting compensation for the store's costs related to the delivery of the goods to the Buyer.

8. Other

8.1. Beauty Salon reserves the right to expand and reduce the product offer on the Site, to regulate access to the purchase of any goods, as well as to suspend or stop the sale of any goods at its sole discretion.

8.2. This Agreement shall be considered as published on the Site, and shall be applied and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Australia.